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Solid Colour Floor Coatings

Epoxy - Polyurethane - Polyaspartic

If you are looking for a versatile floor, that is durable and built to withstand regular wear and tear, Solid Colour Floor Coatings is your answer!

This technique is the ultimate in spill and stain protection. Correctly applied it creates a hard wearing and long lasting barrier for industrial space.

Solid Colour Floor Coatings can be fully customised to fit your project requirements.  This method offers a broad range of coating types, as well as a variety of solid colour options.  Depending on how you would like the finished product to perform, the experienced team at Briz Floors can suggest suitable options. 

Typical areas of use are:

       * garage floors

       * hangars
       * warehouses
       * manufacturing areas
       * automotive service areas

We use a range of coating products with built-in protective and scratch-resistant qualities – such as Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic.  These coating offer different capabilities for your flooring requirements.  Briz Floors can confidently assist you with the creation of the ultimate flooring solution.

Benefits of using this method:

       * cost effective
       * customised
       * quickly installed