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Polished Concrete

Low Maintenance - Hypoallergenic

Polished concrete is an extremely durable and luxe finish for all indoor areas, be it residential or commercial.


Polished Concrete (or a mechanical polish) is the mechanical process of polishing the surface of an existing concrete slab, it is ground down to expose aggregates or stones in the concrete, creating a unique polished finish. Unlike a grind + seal, there is no topical coating over the top, instead the heavy-duty concrete polishers use different grit in their polishing to achieve the desired look and it is the concrete itself which shines.


This process offers, additional to the smooth, reflective surface, an assortment of options for custom design finishes – such as sheen levels, colouring, stains and dyes. It is great value for money with options for all styles and budgets.

       * Low maintenance and easy to clean, 

          resistant to spills and stains;
       * Hypoallergenic – Reduces dust mites 

         and allergens and does not support mould

       * Increases natural lighting due to its reflective 



Our Flooring technicians at Briz Floors undergo an extensive training process to ensure your floor is installed with only the highest quality standards and productivity to minimise downtime during the installation process.