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Discover the essence of quality and experience with Briz Floors. As a 100% Australian family-owned and operated business, we bring two decades of dedicated expertise to the fields of both commercial and domestic flooring. With a legacy founded on 20 years of commitment, we have established ourselves as a symbol of excellence, reliability, and personalised service in the flooring industry.

Our 20-Year Legacy of Excellence

Our journey began 20 years ago when we set out to redefine the flooring industry with our commitment to quality and personalised service. As a family-owned business, we instil family values into everything we do, ensuring that your experience with us feels like becoming a part of our extended family.

Brendon Krytenberg

Managing Director

Why Choose Us?

1. Tailored Solutions: At Briz Floors, we comprehend the diverse needs of both commercial establishments and domestic spaces. Our approach is rooted in customisation, ensuring that each project aligns seamlessly with the unique demands and preferences of our clients.

2. Extensive Expertise: Over the course of 20 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that is instrumental in shaping our proficiency today. Our journey has been a continuous exploration of industry advancements and best practices, positioning us as true stalwarts in the field.

3. Masterful Craftsmanship: Craftsmanship is our hallmark. Whether it’s the finesse of commercial installations or the attention to detail in domestic projects, our skilled artisans infuse each task with a touch of excellence that distinguishes our work.

4. Personalised Consultation: No project is too big or too small; every endeavour receives the same personalised attention. We believe in understanding the unique essence of each space, translating your vision into floors that resonate with your style and purpose.


5. Superior Quality: We recognise that flooring is an investment, one that deserves enduring quality. By sourcing the finest materials and adhering to stringent standards, we ensure that every installation boasts not only visual allure but also remarkable durability.

6. Serving the Community: As a family-owned business, community holds a special place in our hearts. We take pride in our active participation in community initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve.

Experience The Briz Floors Distinction

From the sophistication of commercial spaces to the comfort of domestic havens, Briz Floors is your partner in realising flooring aspirations. Join us in celebrating 20 years of excellence and allow us to accompany you on your journey to transform spaces with our signature touch.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation, and embrace the fusion of expertise, customisation, and family values that define Briz Floors. Elevating spaces, enriching lives.