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Diamond Grind & Seal Coat

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An increasingly popular flooring solution for many residential as well as commercial properties these days is exposed concrete floors, as they ooze the grungy industrial look that is now so on trend.


Before deciding on your floor finish, it is important to be aware of the significant  differences between polished concrete -V- a grind and seal. The key disparities are in the process, duration as well as cost. 


A grind and seal involves, grinding down your concrete slab and sealing with a high-performance sealer, this results in a polished look alike finish at a fraction of the cost.  The advantages of using this method include:

       * less labour intensive

       * more cost effective
       * lower maintenance than unsealed concrete


Additionally you can upgrade your sealer to a chemical-resistant polyurethane coating, allowing the floor to easily be cleaned of stains that could typically cause permanent damage to other flooring systems.  


Grind and seal floors prevent the absorption of:

       * grease
       * oil spills
       * stains
       * animal urine